SoundTube Entertainment Adds MCA2004t Class D Amplifier

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SoundTube Entertainment announced the availability of the MCA2004t Class D amplifier. The amplifier is designed for continuous use in commercial and professional audio settings from performance venues to retail spaces and educational institutions.

The MCA2004t Class D amplifier claims 200W at 8 ohms direct or 70/100V constant voltage output per each of its four channels and a 1200-watt power supply allows the amp to output full power to all four channels simultaneously with peak power at 1000 watts per channel.

The amplifier is equipped with Euro block-style connectors catering to balanced and unbalanced audio signals. The amplifier’s input routing feature uses a matrix mixer that allows all connected speakers to be driven by single or multiple sources.

Here’s a video that explains all the features:

With selectable 70 Hz high-pass filtering, the amp avoids over-driven bass frequencies that could cause distortions. The amplifier has a subwoofer mode selectable on Channel 1 and Channel 2, which applies a 120 Hz low-pass filter and allows the user to select 120 Hz high-pass to the other channels. When subwoofer mode is selected for a particular channel, the output impedance is automatically changed to 4 ohms.

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The MCA2004t amp includes auto signal sensing or a standby trigger along with an auxiliary port that can be used to monitor the health of the amp. It has forced air cooling with a variable speed thermostatically controlled fan. The amp has overload, short circuit, DC offset and thermal protection circuits with Power/Standby, limiting, and protection LED indicators. MSE says the amp is designed to provide long-term reliability of operation and includes the “right mix of technology to ensure many years of trouble-free operation.” The amp is 19” x 15.75” x 3.5” at 17.14 lbs. and uses a compact two-rack space chassis.