Sound Devices Releases 8-Series v10.0 Firmware Update Including 32-Bit Float Recording

sound devices 8 series firmware

The Sound Devices 8-Series v10.01 firmware includes 32-bit float recording, the ability to record ISO tracks in 32-bit floating point, eliminating clipping in the file, no matter the gain setting. In addition, the update includes a new Daylight Mode thus a brighter LCD color scheme, making it “easier to see important information and navigate menus, even in direct sunlight.” With the v10.01 upgrade, Record folders can quickly be renamed without the need for a computer, directly from the 8-Series Record Folder Options menu. Users can choose whether playback audio goes to all outputs or just headphones, while leaving live audio to pass through to other outputs. This is beneficial for production crews, who can continue hearing live audio without interruption while the sound mixer can check playback of takes.

With the 8-Series v10.01 upgrade, the SD-Remote — a companion app to 8-Series mixer-recorders — now has a new Routing Matrix tab with an overview of all input, channel, bus and output routing on a single screen, making it “much easier to view and control where audio signals are coming from and where they’re going.” With so many inputs, channel, bus and output routing permutations, Sound Devices says this provides an indispensable tool for production sound mixers.