Sony Intros XVS-G1 Entry-Level Live Production Switcher with 4K

sonyThe newest addition to Sony’s switcher family, the XVS-G1, is an entry-level compact live production switcher that includes a new video processing engine, 4K and 1080p support with a modern design.

Optimized for live production needs including news, entertainment, sports as well as houses of worship, corporations and educational institutions, the XVS-G1 system is intended for small to mid-size studios, outside broadcast vehicles and fly pack systems.

One of its unique features is its hybrid structure which pulls together a central processing unit (CPU), with a graphics processing unit (GPU) and a field-programmable gate array (FPGA).

FPGA hardware enables high-speed processing at high resolution 4K(UHD) and wide color gamut, high dynamic range (HDR) imaging and ultra-low latency. High-density, high-resolution video processing using the latest software technology provides versatility and expandability while enhancing creative possibilities.

The XVS-G1 includes:

  • The graphics processing engine enables multiple creative functions as it is enhanced with features like a built-in clip player, 3D digital multi-effects, multi-viewer to enable the displaying of multiple types of information such as the audio level meter, and multi-layer captions overlay. Multiple HDR format conversion options are available as well as compatibility with the Sony SR live workflow.
  • The XVS-G1 system comes with an optional clip player, for the first time in a Sony live production switcher. There are four channels in HD mode and two channels in 4K(UHD) mode. Widely available AVC codec files in .mov or .mp4 container format are supported.
  • The switcher is designed to easily and instantly load media files into the internal SSD storage device directly from a menu display on a PC or tablet device.
  • The user menu is based on a newly designed web application and the navigation of the menu structure is reflective of live operation workflows and setups. Wireless operation can be done via Wi-Fi and a PC or tablet device and the structure allows access to any of the menus wirelessly.
  • A range of four control panels derived from Sony’s ICP-X7000 Series.
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The XVS-G1 is planned to be available in North America during the summer and all the specs are here.