Sony Electronics Launches New, Loudest Addition to the X-Series Range

sonySRS xv900

Sony Electronics announced the launch of the new SRS-XV900, the loudest Bluetooth speaker in the wireless speaker X-series range.

The SRS-XV900 three-way sound system is made for “parties with long-playing, ground-breaking, omnidirectional audio and so much more.” The dedicated drivers bring mid-range and vocal clarity, an X-Balanced speaker delivers distortion-free lows, and programmable ambient lighting sets the mood.

The SRS-XV900 speaker features Sony’s TV Sound Booster function that lets listeners enjoy enhanced sound when watching TV. Deep bass and realistic high-frequency sound from the SRS-XV900 fills the room and boosts the TV sound to provide a “rich audiovisual experience, whether it’s a live performance video or a movie.” Simply connect the optical cable (included) and select TV Sound Booster mode with any TV brand or model.

The SRS-XV900 also allows smartphone users to connect the speaker to their device using Bluetooth fast pair for Android.

The SRS-XV900 speaker has a suggested retail price of $899.99 and is here: