Sonance Ships iPod/iPhone Dock – Makes it a Media Server

Sonance 0210

This is a cool product from Sonance.  The FS 23 is a Sonance-0210wall-mount or desktop docking station for the iPod or iPhone that truly allows it to be a media server.  Although limited in resolution by the output res of the iPod or iPhone, it does have on-screen navigation (you use a supplied remote and navigate via your TV or projector) that’s similar to the iPod and let’s you play music, TV shows and Movies from your iPod or iPhone.  Connect the dock to your computer and you can even download iTunes content to the iPod or iPhone from the on-screen menu.  Think of this as an alternative to an AppleTV – but with a lot less resolution.  But, if your content is on an iPod or iPhone, especially music, it’s perfect.

Sonance also offers an optional wall plate-based amplifier for the system to drive it up to 300 feet via Cat5e wire (component, digital audio and analog audio as well as control).