Pearl Tech Hosts Successful 2nd Annual Showcase


Earlier this week, #AVTweeps descended upon the Peoria Riverfront Museum for the Second Annual Pearl Technology Showcase. Over 150 AV professionals gathered to check out the latest ProAV solutions from companies like AtlasIED, Q-SYS, Absen, Sonance, Top Shelf Digital Media and more. “This year’s Showcase was a success,” proclaimed Jeremy Caldera, CTS-D, CTS-I, senior vice […]

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Sonance to Buy James Loudspeaker


Sonance, a 36-year-old audio company known for its architectural speakers, announced today it has entered into an agreement to acquire James Loudspeaker. James Loudspeaker, a provider of both residential and commercial audio solutions (an marine), was established in 1999 by “a group of dedicated audio engineers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs.” “We could not be more excited […]

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Sonance to Debut Dual 10″ Subwoofer in Professional Series


Sonance has announced that it’s adding a new Bandpass Subwoofer to its Professional Series range, delivering what Sonance is “best-in-class sonic performance in an extremely versatile form-factor.” The PS-S210SUBT utilizes all-new 2 x 10” (254mm) low profile, high excursion drivers, that were specifically engineered in-house by Sonance for this product. The polyurethane-coated, laminated-plywood enclosure features […]

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Weekly Wrap-Up: July 3, 2014


Did you miss something last week? Well, we have gathered some of the past week’s most important news stories so you can catch up. Each week we post the Weekly Wrap-Up featuring the stories we think you can’t afford to miss. This week we are featuring a post from Mark Coxon about AMX and Harman, […]

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Sonance Trumps Everyone with New Sub System


Sonance just became the best company to get in-wall subs from with an innovative solution called Discreet Opening System (DOS). Part of the company’s Architectural Series, Architectural Series Discreet Opening System delivers audio via a revolutionary system approach to distributed audio. The finished product exactly matches the footprint of small aperture down lights in a […]

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Sonance Ships New Visual Performance Series VP80R


Sonance has finally shipped the long-awaited VP80R Visual Performance Series entry-level one-piece round and square in-wall speaker. Designed using a micro-trim grille that makes the speaker flush with the wall, the VP80R is actually a round speaker that can be finished with either a round or square grille-adapter, depending on the decor of the home […]

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Sonance Ships Next Generation Invisible Series Speakers


Sonance is now shipping its next generation of invisible speakers, called the Invisible Series. Sonance says any flexible materials of 1/8″ (3 millimeters) or less can be applied across the front of the speaker without affecting performance, including wallpaper or plaster. With four brand new models in the series, the speakers feature an injection molded […]

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Sonance Adds Hardscape Subwoofer to Landscape Series


Sonance has started shipping its all new “Landscape Series” HS10SUB 70-volt Hardscape Subwoofer, designed to be incorporated into outdoor furniture or planter boxes. The HS10SUB features a sealed non-corrosive enclosure that is constructed from a brown-textured HDPVC (High Density Polyvinyl Chloride), while the 10” (254mm) polypropylene cone driver with rubber surround delivers a frequency response […]

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Sonance Ships In-Ground Subs


The long-awaited in-ground subwoofer line from Sonance is now shipping. Both the LS10SUB (10″) and the LS12SUB (12″) started shipping this month and are compatible with 70-volt systems (outputting 100 and 200 watts, respectively). Both are part of the Landscape Series from Sonance. The concept behind the Sonance Landscape Series uses strategically placed “satellite” speakers […]

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Sonance Ships Truly Invisible Speakers


Sonance, the company that first popularized architectural, in-wall, and in-ceiling speakers, is now shipping their Invisible Speaker Series. These speakers are entirely flat and vanish into the room design. The new Sonance Invisible Series consists of three models. The SA3 and SA1.5 combine unique, variable-thickness planar flat-panel midrange/tweeters with conventional, round dynamic woofers.  The Invisible […]

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