Signagelive to Exhibit at DSE

Signagelive just announced they will be exhibiting at Digital Signage Expo DSE on March 28-29 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Signagelive will be on booth #1736. Signagelive will be showcasing a wide range of applications including, data driven menu boards, queue management, room control and bookings and intelligent data driven content. Here are just a few highlights of the exclusive demonstrations that we will be showcasing at DSE.

A real-time menu board powered by a data driven POS integration

Signagelive has been seeing an increased number of digital menu board projects that require real-time integration to manage data-driven content such as product, pricing, and calorie information. By utilizing our Widget Development Framework we have the ability to build dynamic menu boards that connect to third party data sources such as POS Software platforms. At DSE we will be showcasing Lavu as one of their latest examples of a data integrated digital menu board solution.

Lavu is a leading global provider of iPad POS (point of sale) solutions for QSRs and food service sectors. The solution is delivered using a custom iOS/iPad bundle connected to their cloud and to a range of peripherals.

Integrating digital signage with Queue Management

In Retail markets, Signagelive has found that digital signage has often been siloed from other technologies such as Queue Management. Our partnership with Qmatic demonstrates how queue management and call forward solutions can be incorporated into digital signage displays, via Signagelive Widgets and data integration with the Qmatic Orchestra platform. Qmatic is the global leader in providing ‘customer journey’ technology for retail and public sector customers.

Bringing digital signage to the meeting room

Meeting room solutions are the ‘go to’ application for many AV resellers and Systems Integrators. Over the years Signagelive has delivered internal communications projects for digital signage to countless customers. At DSE Signagelive will be showcasing our enhanced Calendar Widget with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Calendar integration which now offers room booking capabilities.

Through their new partnership with Kramer Control you can Incorporate audio, lighting and even enable switching of AV equipment from digital signage to presentation mode. Come see a demonstration on how Signagelive managed devices can be incorporated into your meeting room.

Keeping digital signage content fresh with Social Media

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Signagelive is working with Seenspire to provide a Social Media visualizing and moderation solution, in addition to an Infotainment offering; both are delivered using HTML5 and are available in Signagelive’s Marketplace.

The Seenspire Infochannel offering takes a unique approach by offering a fixed cost per display regardless of the amount of content or the content source. This allows customers to build a content feed by Category (News, Sport, Health, Trivia etc.) from Reuters, Associated Press etc. and select a language of their choice. If customers want to change the category, provider or language they can do so directly within the Seenspire portal at no additional cost.

Add live streaming to digital signage with IBM Cloud video

IBM Cloud Video is another new application now available in the Signagelive Marketplace. IBM Cloud video allows you to instantly broadcast live and on-demand video content to Signagelive supported players. IBM Cloud video allows centralized management and control for both external and internal video communications, and features Watson artificial intelligence capabilities to gain insights from unstructured video content. Incorporating IBM Cloud Video within a Signagelive solution unlocks live streaming capabilities for CEO ‘Town Hall’ meetings and company wide video training.

Delivering Personalized digital signage using Video Analytics. In order to prove the effectiveness of their digital signage content Digital Signage Network operators, especially those incorporating advertising, have a need to understand who is looking at a display and for how long.

Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) achieves this by using facial recognition algorithms to identify the gender, age group and mood of viewers. Historically, this was only achievable using powerful (expensive) PCs but AdMobilize has changed the market by launching the AdBeacon Camera, that performs AVA and pushes the data to a cloud-based portal for analysis.

Signagelive works in conjunction with AdMobilize to enable customers to correlate audience data with proof of play reporting, resulting in information that details what played back when, who was watching (gender, age range,) and what their facial expressions (mood) were. In addition, utilizing the data captured from the AdBeacon Camera we can perform near real-time analysis and use the resulting data to change what is shown on a display and is available. The AdMobilize product can be found in the Signagelive Marketplace.