Sony Upgrades Vision Exchange Classroom Collaboration System

TodaySony announces version 1.1 of its interactive collaboration and active learning solution Vision Exchange. The upgrade adds Skype for Business (but, weirdly, no Zoom support) and something they are calling Personal Note Taker. The updates to Vision Exchange aim to eliminate any logistical remote learning issues and applies to the two main unit series PEQ-C100, PEQ-C130 and Pod PC Software PES-C10.

This update to Vision Exchange will improve educational workflows and will be available at no additional cost for the first year of purchase. This will ensure that existing V1.0 owners can seamlessly take advantage of the new V1.1 software. For future updates, Sony offers the Software Upgrade Program (SUP) that will provide users with an annual subscription.

Skype for Business is one of the most popular remote communication tools within both education and business environments, and as such, will be natively integrated into Vision Exchange. Using Vision Exchange, students can work collaboratively with one another, without having to be in the same room. They can also wirelessly share content from a multitude of devices. Wherever they are working, seamless collaboration on a global level can be achieved.

Vision Exchange’s existing Interactive Mirroring function enables users to connect and share any source within the classroom. The new Personal Note Taker takes this one step further which enables students to easily refer, capture, write and save the main screen content using their own devices, for their later review. There is no need for students to take photos with their devices to capture information for later use; it can all be captured using the new Personal Note Taker.

Additional new features:

  • HDMI input has been added to support Pod PC software PES-C10 and with the addition of a 3rd party HDMI capture box, AverMedia’s DarkCrystal CD750.
  • BYOD screen mirroring is now enabled with major OS platforms. Sony-unique “Quality of Service (QoS)” mechanism enhances their stable mirroring connectivity.
  • Multi-language support (German, French, Spanish in addition to Japanese, Chinese and English).
  • Streaming Option support for Pod PC software PES-C10 (requires optional license PEQA-C30).
  • The content area of the primary display can now be streamed out for recording, lecture capture or live distribution with the optional license PEQA-C30.

Here are all the specs.