Signagelive’s Content Management Platform Is One of the First Chrome-Recommended Solutions for Digital Signage

2022 06 09 at 4.42.51 PMSignagelive announced today that,after meeting all the technical verifications set by Google, its content management platform has become one of the first “Chrome Recommended” solutions for digital signage. Optimized for the Chrome OS, Signagelive can be integrated with Chrome OS devices for enterprise-class digital signage solutions.

Together, Signagelive and Chrome OS devices, powered by Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, simplify management and speed up deployment, while also maximizing security and ensuring what the company says is an intuitive and optimal end-user experience.

With the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade Licence, customers can unlock the advanced business capabilities of Signagelive-powered Chrome OS digital signage players and remotely manage, provision and deploy cost-effective Chrome OS devices through the cloud-based Google Admin console.

Any number of corporate-owned devices can be pre-configured automatically online, and then shipped out with enforced management to deliver a consistent user experience.

Remoting in with telemetry is another feature, enabling the end-user experience to be monitored remotely.

With this cloud-based, secure and scalable solution, content can be scheduled from anywhere in minutes from one, some or all the displays in even the largest multi-location digital signage networks. The network performance can be monitored and controlled, with Proactive Monitoring opt-in email and text alerts to advise of any issues, and Proof of Play reports on insightful asset playback analytics.