Sharp Australia Launches Brand New HC1 4K BIG PAD Interactive Display

Sharp PN HC1Due to the success of the TH1 series 4K BIG PAD interactive displays released earlier this year for the corporate market, Sharp Australia has launched the brand new HC1 4K BIG PAD interactive display series for the educational and training environments.

The BIG PAD HC1 range offers a choice of 70″, 75″ and 86″ 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160) displays with various connection options, including USB, HDMI and wireless. The 4K resolution and Sharp touch technology enables high-resolution reading and responsive pen-on-paper writing in fine detail, making the range ideal for lectures in universities and at corporate training centers.

For maximum ease of use, this new range comes with built-in whiteboard and annotation functions as well as infrared (IR) touch technology with a 125Hz touch sampling rate. Users can easily add on-screen annotations or graphics directly onto photos, videos, PDFs and common Microsoft with the bundled Sharp Pen software (to be installed on Windows PC).

The Sharp Pen software also allows multiple users up to 10-point multi-touch for the 70″ model and up to 20-point multi-touch for the 75″ and 86″ models to write on the same screen at the same time, to help conduct an interactive and engaging teaching or training session.

As a teaching aid, the HC1 series displays have front terminals and buttons for lecturers to access teaching materials or other content stored on sources connected via HDMI and USB easily. These user-friendly features ensure teachers and trainers are not distracted by the technology so they can focus on delivering the best experience to their students.

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Each HC1 series display is also equipped with a wireless adapter to allow seamless screen-sharing with any smart Windows and Android mobile device.

The 4K HC1 BIG PAD interactive display series is available as:

  • PN-HC1 4K BIG PAD in 70″
  • PN-HC1 4K BIG PAD in 75″
  • PN-HC1 4K BIG PAD in 86″

The 4K HC1 BIG PAD is now at selected resellers or online here.