Seymour-Screen Excellence Debuts Ambient-Visionaire Black 0.8MP Film Screen

Seymour Screen Excellence Ambient Visionaire Black 0.8MPSeymour-Screen Excellence is debuting both acoustical transparency (AT) and ambient light-rejecting (ALR) film screen surfaces together in its Ambient-Visionaire Black 0.8MP film screen. Available in various fixed-frame styles, the AT aspect allows for the center channel speaker (and, room permitting, front mains) to be placed behind the screen with its ALR aspect compensating for ambient condition.

The Black 0.8MP is a micro-perforated version of the company’s Ambient-Visionaire Black 0.9 gain ultra-wide ALR screen material. The acoustical transparency is made by precisely punching about 120 holes per square inch (each 0.02 inches in diameter) into the 0.9 surface.

The Black 0.8MP’s light absorption properties, together with its wide 90-degree viewing cone, help the colorimetry. At its widest, the Black 0.8MP reaches 210 inches on the company’s Series-3 VistaCurve fixed-frame, 200 inches on Series 1 and 3 fixed-frames, 140 inches on Series 2 and 150 inches on its TRIM motorized masking system.