Seymour-Screen Excellence, StormAudio, Grimani Systems, RowOne Partner for Networked Audio-over-IP Demo at CEDIA Expo 2023

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Seymour-Screen Excellence, StormAudio, Grimani Systems and RowOne will unite to offer an 11.6.6 fully digital, networked AES67 Audio-over-IP demonstration in Sound Room 10 during CEDIA Expo 2023. This presentation is a CEDIA Expo-first, harnessing the cutting-edge capabilities of networked Audio-over-IP technology while bringing together the “collective expertise and best practices from top industry brands.” It promises to deliver “not only an unparalleled demo, but the opportunity to learn and work with these leaders directly.”

The demo highlights the launch of StormAudio’s new ISP Evo 32-channel AoIP surround sound preamp/processor — the first all-digital immersive audio processor to reach the CEDIA channel — networked to a Grimani Systems 16,800-watts, 11.6.6 channel active loudspeaker system.

StormAudio says the key to the design is that in utilizing only an Ethernet cable, a network switch and a speaker cable for its audio connections, this not only highlights the simplicity and efficiency of the setup, but eliminates common industry issues like ground-loop hum while allowing for advanced features such as remote setup, calibration and monitoring. According to Anthony Grimani, “After having worked on more than 1,000 systems, this is the future of audio for theaters, media rooms, and commercial spaces.”

The demo will also feature Seymour-Screen Excellence’s Enlightor-Neo 4K HDR immersive film screen surface and Adjustable Ratio Theater (ART) immersive four-way masking system. At 13.5 feet wide, this screen is designed to “impart no coloration to the sound of the speakers behind it.” It is mated to a Barco Residential Njord Cinemascope 5K 3-Chip DLP projector, madVR Envy Extreme video processor, and high-performance TLD+ short-throw lens, making for an “incredible collaboration of video products everyone should see.”

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Attendees of the demo will experience two seating designs from RowOne Seating, the 2023 CEPro 100 Bullet Brand recipient. The demo will feature the company’s low-back, zero-clearance power incliner, the Calveri, across the front row, and the Cortes power recliner and power headrest across the second row.

“Seymour-Screen Excellence is excited to collaborate with StormAudio, Grimani Systems, and RowOne for this exceptional demonstration at CEDIA Expo 2023,” said Chris Seymour, managing director at Seymour-Screen Excellence. “Together, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with home theater technology while providing integrators and enthusiasts with an unforgettable and more reliable experience that can be replicated with products each of us are already shipping! There is no vaporware here and this demo promises to be exceptional, one that every Expo attendee should make a point to experience.”

Chris Seymour, Evan Zerby (Seymour-Screen Excellence); Olivier Thumerel, Gary Blouse, Matthew Trinklein (StormAudio); Anthony Grimani, Brett Bjorkquist (Grimani Systems), and Todd Girdis (RowOne) will be available to provide more information at CEDIA Expo 2023.