ScreenBeam Integrates Digital Signage Feature Into ScreenBeam 1100

ScreenBeam has released its latest firmware update (version, which adds digital signage capabilities. The digital signage support allows ScreenBeam to stream signage content when the display is not being utilized. The feature is disabled by default and can be enabled from the management interface. Signage can display in either Fullscreen or Framed mode and will start streaming per the idle time set by the administrator. Supported content formats include: HTML5, WebGL, Video Webm, Video H264 and Video MP4.

In addition to the digital signage support, the firmware update includes an enhancement to its video playback support for iOS/macOS native mirroring. When mirroring video content from a YouTube app or Safari browser, ScreenBeam receiver will stream and playback the video directly instead of mirroring.

The ScreenBeam 1100 is here.