Sanus IR Repeater Kit Ships

Sanus 0310

Sanus Systems has announced it is now shipping Sanus-0310the Sanus Elements ELM501 All-in-One IR Repeater Kit . The ELM501 replicates remote control signals and is a necessary component for allowing smooth operation of AV equipment when the equipment is enclosed in a cabinet or located in a media closet.

The low-cost, all-in-one kit comes with all the necessary elements to control up to four components with a frequency range of 30KHz – 60KHz, and includes both tabletop and hole-mounting options for discreet placement. LED status lights provide power and IR signal indication. The unit also filters undesirable signals from sunlight and plasma TVs for error-free operation.

The Sanus Elements ELM501 All-in-One IR Repeater is available for a list price of $119.99 USD.