Digital Projection Opens Reference Dealer Showroom

DPI 0310

Digital Projection has started acceptingDPI-0310 reservations for their 2010 Reference Showroom Dealer program. For the first time in the elite dealer group’s history, 2010 RSD club members can choose between the TITAN Reference 1080p and TITAN Reference 1080p 3D projectors. As in prior years, membership in this exclusive club is limited and only 12 dealers will be accepted in 2010.

Beyond showcasing the finest home cinema projection available, all 12 of the 2010 Reference Showroom Dealers will also enjoy these benefits:

  • Discounts on the TITAN Reference 1080p or TITAN Reference 1080p 3D purchased for admission to the 2010 RSD program.
  • Exclusive option to purchase (1) M-Vision Cine LED demo display for only $5,000, on the same purchase order as the demo Reference display.
  • Significant extra discounts on all DP 1080p models purchased throughout the 2010 calendar year.
  • Participation in DP’s Reference Showroom Dealer advertising campaign. This year’s advertising reach will be extended to 5 issues in Home Entertainment magazine. All 12 of our 2010 Reference Showroom Dealers will be featured in these high profile, luxury ads.
  • An invitation to attend our exclusive Reference Showroom Dealer Gala, to be held at CEDIA 2010.

Interested in becoming a Reference Showroom Dealer? Contact your DP Manufacturers Rep or DP Regional Manager for details. Reservations in the 2010 Reference Showroom Dealer program are placed on a strictly first come, first served basis.