SANUS Now Shipping Adjustable Wall Mounts for Its Era 100, 300 Wireless Speakers

sanus adjustable wall mounts

SANUS is now shipping its Adjustable Wall Mounts for the new Sonos Era 100 and Sonos Era 300 wireless speakers. The new tilt and swivel wall mounts are available in singles or pairs, which are “ideally suited for integrators installing the new Sonos speakers in applications like home theaters or ambient listening spaces.” All models come in white or black to match the color options of the new Sonos speakers.

Featuring tilt and swivel movements, the wall mounts claim to be versatile enough for any system setup, whether it’s in a home theater or for easy listening. They install in drywall, wood studs, or concrete in only 15 minutes and in three easy steps.

The SANUS adjustable wall mounts for the Sonos Era 100 and Sonos Era 300 wireless speakers include the WSWME11(single) or WSWME12 (pair) for the Sonos Era 100 and the WSWME31 (single) or WSWME32 (pair) for the Sonos Era 300.

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