Samsung Integrates Control4 SDDP Technology in its 2017 4K Ultra-HDTV Lineup and New Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player

Samsung Electronics America Inc. has incorporated Control4 Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) software into its technology to simplify integration with Control4 automation systems. The integration, coupled with Control4 Certified driver support for the entire 2017 4K UHD TV lineup and the new UBD-M9700 4K UHD Blu-ray Player, debuting at the CEDIA 2017 show in San Diego, is integral to Samsung’s position in the connected home and aligns an impressive home entertainment product line with the interests of smart homeowners.

The Control4 Certified drivers produce lightning-fast response times for consumers with little to no lag and full access to the Samsung Smart Hub Command List. Customers no longer need a separate digital media device for access to leading streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and YouTube. Additionally, SDDP makes it simple for installers to add devices to Control4 projects by automatically identifying and downloading the latest Control4 Certified driver. These functionalities will be presented during CEDIA and an over-the-network firmware update to activate them on QLED Series, MU Series, The Frame and the new M9700 is forthcoming.

With an SDDP-enabled device, a Control4 home automation system automatically finds, identifies, authenticates, adds and connects the device nearly instantaneously during the initial installation – reducing the complexity and configuration time for installers as well as reducing potential incompatibility with other devices within consumers’ homes. With Samsung TVs now featuring SDDP and Control4 Certified drivers, integrators can feel confident choosing Samsung for smart home projects resulting in efficient and seamless installations along with the best consumer experience.