Samsung Electronics Partners with D’Strict for Digital Waterfall in Times Square

Samsung Digital Waterfall Imagine a moment of complete calmness in the heart of a city famous for its energy, noise and nonstop action. Tourists and New York City residents alike were treated to such a rare refreshment when Samsung Electronics unveiled its Waterfall-NYC (2021) art installation in partnership with d’strict in the center of Times Square July 27.

Times Square visitors were transported to a digital ocean with hyper-realistic waves and cascading waterfalls over 100 meters tall as part of a partnership between the two South Korean companies to bring digital art to viewers around the world. The installation uses four vertical screens for a total of 350 feet tall (110m) with more than 11,639 square feet (1081 square meters) when combined.

Here’s a video of it:

Pairing Samsung’s display technology with d’strict’s space-based user experiences, Waterfall-NYC (2021) is part of a larger collaboration as Samsung increases its focus on the digital art world. The two companies continue to work together to develop a variety of content for Samsung Smart LED Signage that will showcase further digital artwork while providing important information to customers and viewers.

“I am really excited to partner with d’strict to showcase their amazing visual creativity via the power of our unique displays,” said Harry Patz, SVP and GM of Samsung’s Display Division. “The cascading waterfall takes advantage of our vertical signage offering which incorporates three screens at the bottom connected to one at the top to provide an immersive and compelling visual experience. The display has the highest peak brightness (9000 nits) of any in the industry, allowing visitors to enjoy vivid artwork even in bright daylight.”

The Times Square artwork highlights the power of public art to transcend national borders in the age of a worldwide pandemic, set against the backdrop of a hot NYC summer. Sean Lee, CEO of d’strict, said, “We hope that people will be able to blow away the heat for a while facing unexpected surreal scenes in the city, gain peace and comfort at the same time. Also, I’d like to thank Samsung Electronics for planning this project together and providing the opportunity to showcase this great work at the symbolic place, Times Square in New York.”

As the home of the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Celebration for more than 100 years, One Time Square is the centerpiece of Times Square. The property, owned by global real estate firm, Jamestown, is one of only two stand-alone buildings in the neighborhood offering clear, unobstructed sightlines from all points within the Times Square “bowtie.” This is an area that encompasses Broadway and Seventh Avenues from 43rd to 47th Streets.

The 350-foot-tall digital signage on the building’s frontward facing façade provides brands with the opportunity to create compelling advertising campaigns that will stand out from the numerous billboards in Times Square.