Runco Adds a Less-Expensive 3D Projector

runco LS 12d secondary 0212

runco-LS-12d-secondary-0212Runco (now owned by Planar) has launched its most affordable 3D projector yet (relatively speaking — it’s still $27,995), in the form of the Runco LS-12d, a 3D projector that utilizes active 3D technology and comes equipped with three sets of active shutter glasses. The LS-12d is also the first projector to ship with Runco’s new Dimension Digital Controller (DC-300), which Runco claims has been engineered to enhance 3D performance of Runco 3D-enabled products. Using 1080p native, 3-chip DLP projection technology, the LS-12d is housed in a pretty cool enclosure (almost looks round) that can be custom colored. Light output is spec’d at 1845 Lumens with a 250:1 ANSI contrast ratio. It uses a 260-watt lamp that has a typical life of 3000-hours and it weighs in at 41 pounds.