Rise Vision and Stand4Kind Help Build a Culture of Kindness and Empathy in Schools

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(November 6, 2023) –– Rise Vision, the #1 digital signage software solution for schools, partnered with Stand4Kind to present an informative webinar: “Building a Culture of Kindness and Empathy in K-12 Schools.” Just after the conclusion of National Anti-Bullying Month, the webinar was tailored for K-12 school administrators, outlining proven techniques for teaching empathy, kindness, emotional wellness, and self-esteem building.

In today’s schools, one out of five children have reported being bullied. Plus, where so many students are online, sources show that popular websites like YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok are a breeding ground for cyberbullying. Where there is bullying, there is also increased suicide rates. In the webinar, Stand4Kind showed reports where suicide rates increased 37% between 2000-2018 and then decreased 5% between 2018-2020. However, rates nearly returned to their peak in 2021.

School administrators play a critical role in creating a positive and supportive culture while also empowering students to become leaders and advocates for themselves, thereby reducing bullying and suicide, and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.

The webinar, hosted by Rise Vision, featured Kristen Chapman and Candy Olandt from Stand4Kind. Chapman and Olandt dove into the important difference between conflict and bullying, the power of peer pressure, what “mean girl” behavior looks like, different reasons students bully others, and then strategies administrators can use to overcome these negative behaviors. Attendees also gained insight into suicide awareness and what behaviors could indicate students are struggling. As well, they left with actionable tips into having tough conversations with at-risk students to help them.

Shea Darlison, Chief Revenue Officer at Rise Vision remarked, “We are excited to work with Stand4Kind to bring our audience another resource that helps create a positive school culture. One student is too many when it comes to bullying in schools.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Rise Vision to empower educators with techniques and strategies to prevent bullying in their schools. It’s also important to ensure students can advocate for themselves and develop important life skills like grit and resilience,” remarked Kristen Chapman, Project Manager for Stand4Kind.
The webinar was the first collaboration between Rise Vision and Stand4Kind. The partnership is another testament of Rise Vision’s commitment to assisting schools in enhancing communication, engagement, and fostering a positive school culture.

For more information about Rise Vision and to explore how digital signage can create a positive school culture, visit the company’s website.

Rise Vision is the #1 digital signage software solution for schools. Rise Vision helps schools improve communication, increase student involvement, celebrate student achievements, and create a positive school culture.

Stand4Kind provides education for emotional health and suicide awareness for teens. Stand4Kind is committed to creating and providing quality anti-bullying training, content and programs to students, parents and educators to create a culture of kindness in schools nationwide.