Renewed Certification: Konftel Strengthens Climate Neutral Ethos

Konftel Climate Neutral 003

Umeå, Sweden, April 21, 2021 – In an era of agile working with huge demand for
conferencing and collaboration hardware, protecting the planet is just as important as
connecting the world, for pioneering manufacturer Konftel .

The company was the first in the collaboration devices sector to earn official Climate
Neutral certification – which has now been successfully extended for the second year in
a row.

Climate Neutral Certified status means all greenhouse gas emissions have been offset,
across all aspects of the business, from manufacturing and product packaging to
transportation. Konftel continues to cut impact at source too with a series of new
initiatives announced.

By investing in worldwide carbon credits, forest conservation, renewable energy and
carbon capture technologies, all benefit. Forest conservation in Zimbabwe, water
filtration in Cambodia and renewable energy in India are some of the many projects to be
supported by Konftel so far.

Being a trendsetter is nothing new for Konftel, according to CMO Stefan Eriksson who
cites how the booming business was the very first to manufacture and sell a commercial
conference phone more than 30 years ago. “It all started in a basement in Sweden when
a bank director needed a conference phone in his office. Today we have grown into one
of the biggest players in the world for collaboration endpoint solutions, bringing people
closer together.”

He added: “Konftel is certified for the second successive year with the Climate Neutral
standard. This means we have offset all our greenhouse gas emissions and are taking
action to further reduce those emissions. Today’s hybrid working trends has triggered a
huge explosion is conferencing equipment sales. But buying from Konftel ensures our
customers have a ‘clear climate conscience’ that there is no overall impact on the planet.
We believe every company should #beclimateneutral”

He continued: “For us, it’s not enough to simply provide innovative technology,
equipment and support which helps people communicate more effectively. We also have
to pay attention to our own carbon footprint in a way which encourages others to do the
same. Stealing a march on our sector rivals and leading from the front is part of our
DNA. A Climate Neutral Certified label is displayed on all our products which we are
rightly proud of.”

Konftel has generated record annual sales, with an expanding portfolio of innovative
video and audio conferencing solutions. Its environment friendly credentials help give it
the edge too – an ethos inherent throughout the company.

“Konftel and our other Climate Neutral Certified brands are leading the global shift to a
net-zero economy by doing what all companies should be doing immediately: measuring,
offsetting, and reducing their carbon emissions,” says Climate Neutral CEO, Austin
Whitman. “Our label helps consumers identify these brands. It’s a recognizable and
trusted symbol that turns everyday purchases into meaningfully positive climate action.”

As well as the investment in its carbon credit programme, Konftel will continue to reduce
future business travel by staff, once the pandemic is over. It has replaced all plastic
packaging for accessory cables with paper-based alternatives.

Furthermore new pledges include all company owned cars becoming electric by the end
of 2021. Konftel will ‘climate-optimize’ packaging for all deliveries sent from its head
office. This includes replacing plastic bubble wrap with recycled paper, minimizing carton
sizes, switching from plastic tape and using thermal labels that require less energy and
generate less waste. In addition Konftel will explore options for improved energy
efficiency at its biggest manufacturing sites.

Eriksson emphasized: “We find that our customers, our partners and our people really
care about all of this. We have put it at the very heart of our business because it’s the
right thing to do. Yes, the right thing from a commercial perspective, but also the right
thing from an environmental and ethical perspective.

“We often get asked by customers and channel partners where we stand on climate
neutrality and what we are doing to minimise our carbon footprint. The subject is a big
player in the procurement process, and rightly so. It means our investment in carbon
neutrality is even more valuable and our commercial offering is more compelling. It is a
new tool in the sales tool box, no question.”

Eriksson concluded: “When customers buy from us, they know they are buying from an
organisation which has no carbon footprint whatsoever; zero emissions. This is a huge
statement of intent. The technology we produce works in harmony with our climate
neutral philosophy. More conference calling means less car and rail journeys, fewer
flights, less-full offices, reduced gas and electricity consumption. The two strategies
operate together. By choosing Konftel they really can conference with a clear climate