VISIX Adds 12-inch Interactive Room Sign to Product Line

At the DSE 2010 Show (Digital Signage Expo), Visix unveiled the newest member of its interactive room sign line – the MeetingMinder 1200i. This addition to the Visix room sign family provides a 12-inch surface-mount option with touch screen capabilities, event-scheduling support for Dean Evans & Associates EMS Software, Microsoft Exchange and support for multiple […]

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Mitsubishi Releases Two Projectors Aimed at ED


Mitsubishi has announced two new projectors that target cost-conscious customers looking for classroom or meeting room projectors.  Blasting a spec of 2300 and 2500 lumens of brightness respectively, Mitsubishi’s EX200U and EX240U XGA projectors project XGA resolution (1024×768) images using a 6-segment color wheel in a DLP-based projector. Mitsubishi’s EX200U weighs 5.3 pounds and the […]

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Extron Launches New Presentation Classroom Controller/Switcher


Extron added a new all-purpose classroom controller/switcher in the form of the MPS 409 – a switcher for integrating digital and analog signals. It combines five independent switchers in one rack-mountable enclosure: 3×1 HDMI with embedded audio, 2×1 DVI, 2×1 VGA/HDTV component video, 2×1 composite video, and 9×1 analog stereo audio. For system design applications, […]

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Vaddio Shows Video Whiteboard


Vaddio, known primarily for specialty pan/tilt/zoom cameras and high-end camera control systems, announced that they’re getting into the whiteboard market via the launch of the first high definition (patent pending) Video Whiteboard. Vaddio says their new Video Whiteboard completely replaces the existing need for fixed or PTZ cameras in a classroom system environment. The Video […]

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Futuresource Says One Million Whiteboards to Be Sold in 2010


The Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) phenomenon continues to take hold, with nearly 750,000 boards sold worldwide in 2009 and the market on track to top one million sales in 2010, according to a new strategic report from Futuresource Consulting. “All regions experienced major growth last year, spread across multiple countries rather than localized hotspots,” says Colin […]

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Extron Debuts Classroom AV System Configurator


Last week, Extron launched an online Classroom A/V System Configurator, an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop configuration utility that allows users to customize PoleVault, WallVault, and VoiceLift-based AV systems. Extron says the graphical user interface of the Classroom A/V System Configurator makes system customization easy, and wizards ensure that only valid systems are built and vital accessories are […]

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Sanyo Launches Two New Short-Throw Lens Mounts with Built-in Speakers


Targeted to the educational market, the MT-EDU 101 and MT-EDU 102 eliminate the need to use the projector’s internal speakers  (does anyone actually build systems to use the internal speakers?) or a separate audio system by incorporating a 50-watt two-channel amplifier and two powerful 25-watt rated two-way speakers into the chassis of the wall mount. […]

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3D for Me?


If you watch developments in consumer AV, you’re likely picking up some of the buzz with the latest push toward 3DTV.  As such perhaps you’re also starting to give some serious thought to what that may mean to you as an AV consumer, and then, what the impact might be in education applications.  So when […]

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Extron Launches WallVault for Education Market


Extron has launched WallVault Systems, a family of complete, centralized A/V switching and control systems designed for use with wall-mounted, short-throw projectors and flat panel displays. According to Extron, these are easy-to-use, easy-to-install, economical classroom A/V systems that use twisted pair technology for transmitting signals and include network connectivity for Web-based asset management, monitoring, and […]

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Crestron Ships New Media Presentation Audio Amp


According to Crestron, the MP-AMP30 is a low cost audio amplifier for applications in which audio from source equipment is directly connected to and switched by the video projector. The MP-AMP30 amplifier drives the audio signal from these sources directly to external speakers. The surface-mountable MP-AMP30 is 15 watts per channel and can drive one […]

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Optoma’s Next Gen Pocket Projector


Optoma has launched the next generation of its pocket projector, Pico PK102. Although not an education-type product, it’s worth mentioning since this tiny pocket projector has a memory card, a VGA input port and is aimed at small presentation environments.  The transfer and storage of photos, movies or PowerPoint/Keynote presentations onto the Pico PK102 is […]

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Chief Launches New Mini-Mount


At InfoComm, Chief Manufacturing announced a new line of mini projector mounts that will be available late summer 2009.  Chief’s new Mini RPA Elite (RSMA) is a miniature version of the popular RPA Elite (RPM) projector mount, meant for today’s smaller projectors. The mini mount features a newly designed universal projector interface bracket with convenient […]

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Canon Tries to Make Impact with Two New Projectors


Canon hasn’t really ever been a big player in data projectors, but at InfoComm, they just became more competitive with two new products:  the REALis WUX10 and the REALiS SX80. As a differentiator, Canon has embedded both projectors with the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications for Medicine) standard Part 14 – which standardizes displaying of […]

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3M Launches Multi-Touch Touch Screen Overlay Kit for 19″ Monitors


No one denies that touch screen displays are way more interactive that regular flat-screen displays.  And, 3M has added to the mix by introducing a multi-touch developer kit that tracks up to 10 individual fingers and is compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7 platform.  Here’s a video we shot at InfoComm 09. The 3M Multi-Touch […]

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Anoto’s penPresenter Shocks All at InfoComm


This was one of the coolest education-market products we saw at the show.  Dubbed the penPresenter, little-known Anoto allows you to annotate over PowerPoint slides WITHOUT anything but printed-out notes from your slides and a clipboard in your hand.  It’s almost impossible to describe, so go watch this video. Amazing, huh?  The penPresenter is available […]

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Extron Launches Touch Panels for MediaLink Line Aimed at Education


With the launch of their new TouchLink line of touch panels at InfoComm, Extron is truly a full-fledged control system company. TouchLink is being promoted as the first fully configuration-based touch panel control system with the power to handle the control needs of single classrooms rooms, dual-display rooms, divisible meeting rooms, multi-image systems, and even […]

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SANYO Debuts Quartet of Wired and Wireless Projectors for the Classroom


SANYO announced today the introduction of four new ultraportable LCD projectors, designed for education and business presentation: the PLC-XU355, PLC-XU350, PLC-XU305, and the PLC-XU300. The PLC-XU355 and PLC-XU305 feature what SANYO says is the industry’s first “simple wireless setting,” which means you can insert the supplied USB memory stick into any PC or MAC and […]

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SDK Available for SMART Table


Could the SMART Table become the iPhone of the ProAV market?  SMART hopes so, with the release of their own SDK (software development kit) for the new SMART Table multi-touch table design.  The SMART Table is definitely a groundbreaking interactive display table designed specifically for pre-K-3 students (ages 4-8). And to encourage the rapid development […]

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EPSON Launches “Budget-Conscious” Document Camera Aimed at K-12


I am continually amazed that document cameras are still in use in schools in departments other than science, but they are.  Here’s a new one that’s not a budget-breaker.  Last week, EPSON announced a new easy-to-use and affordable DC-06 document camera called the DC-06, featuring XGA (1024×768) resolution.  Because of its small footprint (and it […]

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