AtlasIED Intros HPA Series of Multi-Channel Amps

hpa-4202-0615Atlas Sound launched the HPA Series power amplifiers here at infoComm. These amplifiers are designed as ruggedized amps for any application type or load condition.

Each model has two channels output that can be used in stereo, bridged, or parallel operation. Balanced inputs allow easy connection of audio sources and stepped attenuators per channel enable accurate setting with security covers that protect settings post installation. A universal power supply auto senses AC current at both 120VAC and 220VAC enabling global use.

Models Available        HPA2602        HPA4602
Power 70.7V              2 x 1300W      2 x 2100W
Power 8Ω                   2 x 800W       2 x 1200W
Power 4Ω                   2 x 1300W     2 x 2100W
Power 2Ω                   2 x 1800W     2 x 2500W
Power 8Ω Bridged     1 x 2500W     1 x 3200W
Power 4Ω Bridged     1 x 3200W     1 x 4800W

All the details are here.