AtlasIED Debuts Environmental Coatings for Speakers

atlasied-environmental-0615AtlasIED has just released of new patent-pending environmental treatments available for use on multiple loudspeaker models. AtlasIED’s new Hyfidrophobic treatment protects loudspeakers and baffles from water and humidity damage.

Using the power of nanotechnology, the coated surface completely repels humidity and liquids. Any liquid simply rolls off without touching the underlying surface. It prevents water from penetrating loudspeaker cones, even paper, allowing any type of loudspeaker to be used outdoors or in high humidity environments.

AtlasIED’s Amathophobic treatment protects baffles and loudspeakers from dust and dirt accumulation. Untreated ceiling loudspeakers placed near HVAC air returns, outdoors or industrial area will become dust and dirt magnets.  Amathophic treatment prevents dust and dirt from latching onto the products ensuring they remain clean and virtually dust free.

Specs are here.