BSS Audio Introduces BLU-DAN Dante to BLU link Bridge

bss-audio-soundweb-0615BSS Audio has announced the introduction of its Soundweb London BLU-DAN Dante to BLU link Bridge, which allows one or more BLU link devices to be integrated with a Dante network.

The BLU-DAN connects a Dante device to one or more BLU link devices via standard Cat 5e cabling. It is capable of simultaneously transmitting and receiving up to 64 channels of Dante audio (64×64). Primary and secondary ports are provided to ensure fault tolerance and control is provided through a separate Ethernet port. The BLU-DAN’s BLU link connectivity is a low-latency, fault-tolerant digital audio bus with 256 channels.

The BLU-DAN is configurable using HARMAN’s HiQnet Audio Architect software. A wide selection of logic objects and a drag-and-drop user interface facilitate system setup. Its bi-directional locate functionality allows devices to be identified both from and within HiQnet Audio Architect.

Details are here.