Rants and rAVes — Episode 915: An AVaaS Videocast

AVaaS isn’t new; in fact, we’ve been writing and talking about it here at rAVe since 2016 — it’s just new in AV. What?

Ok, well, aaS (as a service) is the ecosystem of the entire software world — nearly nothing is purchased anymore, its’ “rented” but, it’s rented with the understanding that that it (the rental fee) includes upgrades, improvements (bug-fixes) and compatibility/scalability. But, in AV, we don’t do this. Systems are installed/integrated and then, we walk away. Well, sort-of. The good AV integrators walk away but sell RMM (remote monitoring and management) or, at the very least, service contacts to keep it “up-and-operating.”

But, the promise of AVaaS — something that’s just around the corner – is that in addition to managing the system, remotely, and, as such, setting up data analytics to predict likely system problems, we also offer the client the ability to upgrade it, indefinitely – as long as they pay the monthly “aaS-fee.”

Don’t understand this? Or, want to learn more, here’s one opportunity. Gary was joined with Legrand AV’s Scott Lowder and Mark Tracy to talk about RMM, AVaaS and what the opportunities are for both the integrator and the client. And, if you still want more AVaaS, register for Gary Kayye’s FREE Webinar on Monday, November 4th at 2PM EST here — it includes 1 AVIXA CTS RU too.