Rants and rAVes — Episode 603: iMAG Talks JPEG 2000 vs. AptoVision AV-over-IP

Rants and rAVes —

Very few AV-over-IP system manufacturers have products that send video and audio over a network using both the the major compression technologies – JPEG 2000 and AptoVision BlueRiver NT.  But, iMAGsystems is one of them. iMAGsystems, exhibiting in booth 3987 at InfoComm this year, doesn’t just sell you AV-over-IP systems but educated you on what the different wats there are to do it and let’s you choose the right compression for your application. I was joined on my special InfoComm 2017 lead-up podcast today by iMAGsystems founder, Gerry Raffaut who explains why they aren’t set on only one way to deliver video across a network. iMAGsystems is a good place to stop on your AV-over-IP InfoComm tour this year as, since they sell both JPEG 2000 compression-based systems as well as AptoVision 10Gbps over IP systems, you’ll get an honest evaluation of both compression technologies and your can see the compression for yourself as they always do side-by-side demos.