Rants and rAVes – Episode 13: AV and IT Work Perfectly Together: I Agree with AVDawn

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Gary Kayye's Rants and rAVes

The convergence of AV and IT has been a huge point of contention in the AV industry, but perhaps you should be thinking about the relationship between the two industries as more of a partnership.

AVDawn, a rAVe BlogSquad blogger, posted a great blog about how CompTIA (basically the InfoComm of the IT industry) cites InfoComm’s standards, practices and procedures as the way to do AV.

Here’s my take:

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AVDawn’s blog post:  https://www.ravepubs.com/

CompTIA Quick Start Guide – Audiovisual Integration Opportunities; A Practical Guide for Solution Providers:  http://www.comptia.org/documents/MDOC_STORAGE/Quick_Start_Guide_Audiovisual_Integration_onine_2038-US.pdf