Google Certifies QSC Q-SYS Platform for Google Meet Use

QSC certifies Q SYS Platform for Google Meet hardware kitsQSC announced that Google has certified the Q-SYS Platform for use with Google Meet hardware kits. This certification allows integrators and IT end users to select from any Q-SYS Core processor or USB audio bridging endpoint, regardless of processing or I/O requirements, to ensure integration with Google Meet hardware.

All Q-SYS Core processors are driven by Q-SYS OS, which was architected around standard IT protocols and uses the design software suite (Q-SYS Designer Software). This allows features like AEC audio processing to be integrated into the software itself to use the hardware components.

All Q-SYS Core processors are now certified for Google Meet, including the Core Nano, Core 8 Flex, Core 110f, Core 510i and Core 5200.