PureLink Introduces New Certified Premium Duplex Fiber Cable

TWF2-newsPureLink’s TotalWire TWF2-1000 Fiber Cables Feature Advanced SSF™ Technology Providing Superior Strength and Durability for Simplified and Safe Field Termination

The TWF-1000 Certified Premium 2-Fiber Cable is the newest addition to PureLink’s comprehensive line of TotalWire™ cables and accessories. Featuring advanced SSF™ Technology, the TWF2-1000 re-defines fiber optics with superior benefits including:

STRONGER – unprecedented mechanical strength (up to 10,000x the bend longevity) and durability
(up to 200x) in a “field-terminatable” glass fiber providing more reliable connections and longer service life.

SAFER – the TWF2 fiber with its smaller glass-cladding layer is more flexible and forgiving. Integral polymetric
coating eliminates the need for stripping and provides glass protection, increasing safety when working in the
FASTER – SSF™ Technology removes 50% of the standard termination procedures from the process.
The increased durability and enhanced safety of the TWF2 allows technicians to handle the fiber easily
with less preparation and precautions.

The TWF2-1000 is sold in 1000 ft. (305 m.) bulk reels and can be purchased with PureLink’s TotalWire™ TWF2 Fiber Termination Tool, as well as TWF2 LC and SC fiber connectors, for a complete and certified fiber optic cabling solution.