Channel Vision’s New IP Intercom Features Touch Screen Room Stations & Smartphone Application

Product-Collage_all-ip-300x179Costa Mesa – August 23, 2016 – Channel Vision, a leading provider of technology for Inside the Well-Connected Home™, continues to expand upon its new IP-based intercom systems with the release of the 7” IP Touch Screen, which will be available to demo at CEDIA booth #4446.

The new IP systems centralize your home electronics into one easy-to-use control system. Residents receive video push notifications to their touch screen or Smartphone app upon a visitor ringing the doorbell. For single family homes, the SI-8000 series Front Door Stations are an attractive addition to any home while providing the first line of defense against home invasions and burglaries.

“Our new IP intercoms were designed in response to the growing demand of app-based access control with video communication,” stated Channel Vision President Darrel Hauk. “Front door entry has become more about security than aesthetics. Knowing that someone is approaching your home—whether it’s from the Touch Screen in the living room or from the Smartphone app while at work—can make all the difference when faced with a potential threat.”

The SIM Series IP Intercom provides a complete solution for access control to apartments, duplexes, offices and other MDUs. Visitors can call the Touch Screen using the scrollable directory or by dialing the floor and unit number. Residents will receive video push notifications with the option to lock/unlock the door on their Touch Screen, tablet or Smartphone.

The IP Front Door Stations (SI-8000 Series and SIM Series) and Touch Screen Room Stations are in stock and available to Channel Vision Elite distributors and dealers. To demo these systems, please visit Channel Vision’s CEDIA booth #4446 or call a representative at 714.424.6500.