Pure Resonance Audio Announces the Release of DA2500 500W


Pure Resonance Audio announced the release of the DA2500 500W, a 2-channel rack mount power amplifier. This Class-D amplifier is designed with dual-impedance operation aimed at commercial and professional installs.

Key Features of the DA2500 500W 2-Channel Power Amplifier include:

  1. High Output Power: The DA2500 delivers 500 watts of power per channel, “ensuring dynamic sound reproduction even in demanding environments.”
  2. Dual-Impedance: Two independent channels feature 4-16Ω and 70V output terminal switches, enabling each channel to use a different impedance simultaneously, providing “flexibility and versatility.”
  3. Class-D Amplification: Featuring Class-D amplification technology, the DA2500 ensures “efficient power usage, reduced heat generation and extended product lifespan.”
  4. Comprehensive Protection Circuitry: Built-in protection circuits safeguard the amplifier from overheating, overloading and short-circuiting, ensuring “reliable and safe operation.”
  5. Convenient Connectivity: The 2-channel amplifier is equipped with balanced inputs and outputs with detachable Euroblock terminals, enabling integration with a wide range of audio devices and systems.
  6. Front Panel Controls: The front panel controls allow for “quick and precise” adjustments of volume levels on each channel.

The Pure Resonance Audio DA2500 500W 2-channel Class-D power amplifier is now available now and details are here: