Pure Resonance Audio Announces the Release of DA2500 500W

May 25, 2023

Pure Resonance Audio announced the release of the DA2500 500W, a 2-channel rack mount power amplifier. This Class-D amplifier is designed with dual-impedance operation aimed at commercial and professional installs. Key Features of the DA2500 500W 2-Channel Power Amplifier include: High Output Power: The DA2500 delivers 500 watts of power per channel, “ensuring dynamic sound […]

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Pure Resonance Audio Adds New 70-Volt Surface-Mount Loudspeakers for Outdoor

February 20, 2023

Pure Resonance Audio just unveiled the S6.1 and the S8.1, two 70-volt surface mount loudspeakers for outdoor applications. The S6.1 and the S8.1 offer “high-fidelity audio with exclusive Optimal Bass Enhancement radiator technology that delivers an enhanced low-end for a richer and more robust full-range sound while maintaining an IP65 rating for indoor and outdoor […]

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Pure Resonance Audio Adds New 70-Volt Ceiling Mount Speaker

January 28, 2023

Pure Resonance Audio has expanded its portfolio of commercial ceiling speaker products with the C5 Micro 4″ 70-volt ceiling mount speaker. Similar to its sister product, the extremely versatile C3, the new C5 70V in-ceiling speaker adds an additional inch in diameter, making this speaker a larger option that offers a more robust sound yet […]

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Pure Resonance Audio Adds 70-Volt Outdoor Surface-Mount Speaker

December 19, 2022

Pure Resonance Audio just launched a 70-volt outdoor surface mount speaker, the S6. A big brother to the smaller S5, this 6.5″ all-weather commercial speaker is designed for foreground and background music, paging and general-purpose audio in any indoor or outdoor business setting. Water-resistant IP65 rated, the S6 ensures protection against direct contact with water […]

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Pure Resonance Audio Debuts BTR1 Bluetooth Audio Receiver

November 3, 2022

Pure Resonance Audio just debuted a Bluetooth audio receiver — the BTR1 with a wireless range of up to 100 feet. The BTR1 streams high-resolution audio to a commercial sound system from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Key features of the BTR1: Full dynamic range with low background noise, distortion and reduced audio delay. Integrated with Bluetooth […]

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Pure Resonance Audio Announces S10 All-Weather Speaker

August 11, 2022

Pure Resonance Audio just introduced the S10, a 10″ compact all-weather speaker; a two-way full-range 70-volt outdoor speaker designed for harsh environments. Receiving an IP66 rating means the S10 is fully protected against dust or dirt particles and direct high-pressure water. Its fiber-reinforced plastic and metal enclosure with a metal grill give it durability. This […]

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Pure Resonance Audio Introduces S5 Outdoor Speaker

March 15, 2022

Pure Resonance Audio introduced the S5 70-volt outdoor speaker. The S5 is weather-resistant and designed for commercial installs for foreground and background music, paging and general-purpose audio in restaurants, hotels, retail stores, fitness gyms, conference rooms or schools. It is available in a black (S5) or white (S5W) finish. Designed to withstand outdoor conditions, the […]

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Pure Resonance Audio Introduces Micro Ceiling Speaker

October 29, 2020

Pure Resonance Audio introduced a new type of “micro” ceiling speaker that has three mounting options in the same enclosure. The Pure Resonance Audio C3 3” micro ceiling speaker is designed with different mounting systems and can be installed as a traditional ceiling speaker, as a pendant speaker or drywall-mounted — and, it’s aimed at […]

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Pure Resonance Audio Intros 3.8″-Deep, Affordable SP8 SoundPlane Ceiling Tile Speaker

October 12, 2020

The SP8 SoundPlane ceiling tile speaker is the newest addition to Pure Resonance Audio’s drop tile speakers, adding an affordable drop tile solution. The Pure Resonance Audio SP8 is only 3.9″ deep, making it a good option for suspended ceiling spaces where deeper standard speakers will not fit. This low-profile design fits into standard 2’x2′ […]

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Pure Resonance Audio Releases Omni Drop Tile Ceiling Speaker Array

September 3, 2020

The Pure Resonance Audio SD5 SuperDispersion omnidirectional drop tile ceiling speaker array claims a 360-degree coverage pattern with vocal articulation and low distortion. The SD5 provides 50’ by 50’ of audio coverage with zero frequency cancellation. According to Pure Resonance, strategically engineered waveguides shape the sound as it travels away from the speaker array, eliminating […]

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