Premier Design Center for Salamander Designs Can Be Found at AVI-SPL NY Metro Office

A new Premier Office Design and Experience Center featuring Salamander Designs, manufacturer of furniture for residential and commercial A/V integration, and AVI-SPL, integrator in the commercial arena with offices in five countries, can be found at AVI-SPL’s new NY Metro Office.

“The remarkable shift from fixed, bulky office furniture and technology is clear in this premier experience center,” said Scott Srolis, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Salamander Designs. “Today’s business environment is dominated by innovative, sleek mobile designs and appealing aesthetics that match and maximize today’s technology and staff. We’re very excited about this partnership with AVI-SPL and the new Experience Center that showcases the finest office possibilities to the New York metro area.”

Alberto Ayulo, regional general manager, said, “We’re opening our doors to the local community to showcase what the modern workplace can look like and how it can function. We’re located right here in Lyndhurst and we’re proud to serve thousands of commercial customers in the region with hands-on tours and interaction.”

In addition to demonstrating all the latest in complete office and enterprise furniture solutions from Salamander including the new Unifi Huddle Series, products from important industry partners Crestron, LG, Samsung, Sony and many others are on display in real-world settings at the Experience Center.

The following products are included and on display in the new AVL-SPI facility:

  • New Unifi Huddle and Unifi Huddle Lite Tables
  • New Unifi Conference Table
  • Low Profile Cabinet
  • Standard Depth Cabinets
  • Standard Depth Cabinet with Panel Mount
  • Fixed Height Stand
  • Electric Lift Stand
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Salamander Designs is here and AVI-SPL is here.