Pliant Technologies Just Dropped CrewWare 2.0

pliant technologies crewware 2.0

Pliant Technologies just debuted CrewWare 2.0 software update, marking the first substantial update since its introduction of CrewCom in 2017. CrewWare is Pliant’s software tool created specifically for CrewCom system construction, device control and live monitoring.

This update includes advancements in setup, control and monitoring and includes the additions of multi-platform (Mac and PC), multi-client, multi-system support along with many graphical user interface (GUI) improvements. These latest advancements result in a straightforward and clean interface that simplifies accessing a CrewCom system from anywhere in the world from any type of device with access to a browser.

Amongst the latest advancements, CrewWare 2.0 includes a server and browser-based interface with the addition of multi-platform support. This allows use by the most popular browsers, and therefore any popular operating system on the market, including Mac and Windows PC. Also included is multi-client support, allowing users (clients) on the same network to access the same system at the same time. Additionally, the software’s multi-system support provides the ability for a single user to access multiple systems through the new server-based workflow for monitoring and control of multiple systems at once.

Graphical user interface improvements include a fresh look, but with the same user-friendly interface in the previous release, multiple browser windows support, smart re-sizing of windows, a new flip card-based view of all radio packs, a drag-and-drop functionality for easy device setup, as well as overall intuitive navigational improvements.