Pliant Technologies Debuts New PHS-IEHU Miniature In-Ear Headset

pliant technologies phs iehu

Pliant Technologies introduced a new miniature in-ear style headset with long-distance, long-term power options. The new PHS-IEHU utilizes silicone ear concha locks and earbuds for either left-ear or right-ear orientation. The new headset also allows for the use of custom ear molds designed specifically for the individual user’s ear from custom ear mold manufacturers Coda Room Audio and Sensaphonics. The brand also features two new accessories, the PAC-RTM-SMU Universal Single RT Mounting Bracket and, in conjunction with battery specialist Indipro Tools, the PBT-VMNT Radio Transceiver Battery Adapter, for its CrewCom lineup of Radio Transceivers (RTs).

With mobility in mind, the new universal in-ear headset features a miniature electret microphone and windscreen with a small flexible boom. An offering of models based on various connectivity allows for use with most industry-standard intercom beltpacks via four-pin or five-pin XLR connections as well as six-pin female Mini XLR connectivity. In addition, there is also an option for dual 3.5mm connectivity allowing for its use with MicroCom M or MicroCom XR models. An optional PTT (Push-to-Talk) button will also be available for applications where external remote momentary talk on/off operation is required.

The PAC-RTM-SMU Universal Single RT Mounting Bracket and PBT-VMNT Radio Transceiver Battery Adapter can transform any current CrewCom RT into one that will allow placement of an RT with connectivity to fiber where no AC power is accessible, providing approximately 16 hours of RT battery life.

For increased accessibility, users can slide on any V-Mount battery to Pliant’s PBT-VMNT battery adapter and plug it directly into the 48V port of any CrewCom RT. The new battery adapter also allows for the “use of any industry-standard V-mount battery to be used to power an RT for approximately eight hours or more, depending on battery size/capacity.” In addition, the PAC-RTM-SMU universal RT mount was developed for maximum adaptability and flexibility, as it supports Manfrotto-style Hex, 1/4″-20, 5/8″-27 and 3/8″-16 mount thread sizes.