Pliant Technologies Intros CrewCom Compact Radio Pack

pliant technologies crewcom

Pliant Technologies debuted the CRP-C12 Compact Radio Pack. The CRP-C12 is a compact Radio Pack (RP) that was created specifically for use with any CrewCom or CrewCom CB2 system. Pliant Technologies says the CRP-C12 is one of the industry’s smallest, fully featured professional radio pack, measuring approximately 3.5 in. x 3.5 in (9 cm x 9 cm), while weighing just under 9 oz./ 255 g.

The new compact RP is available in all standard CrewCom frequency bands, including 900MHz (where applicable) and 2.4GHz (worldwide). Although small in stature (at least 25 percent smaller in size and 30 percent lighter than most beltpacks in use today), the CRP-C12 does not compromise on performance, as it is fully featured and includes support for up to two user-specific assignable conferences with a simultaneous dual-listen option. For further customization, it also includes two assignable function buttons that can be configured via a user profile for functions such as stage announce, call or trigger of contact closures.

The CRP-C12 features an informational backlit LED display, top-mounted A/B channel and talk buttons, dual-function buttons and easily accessible volume controls. It also includes a compact six-pin Mini Female XLR (TA6F) headset connector, a USB-C charging and pairing port, and supports use of the current Pliant PBT-LIP-01 Lithium Polymer CrewCom Battery.