Pass Labs Shows New Phono Preamp

Pass Labs 0110

Last week, Pass Labs showed their latest Phono Player Pass-Labs-0110Preamp in the form of the XP-25.  The XP-25 features what Pass says is a totally new circuitry design, a second chassis for a separate power supply, and a front panel with rotary switches to select gain, loading, and cartridge type. It’s very retro looking and works well with both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges.

Developed by Nelson Pass’ Co-designer Wayne Colburn, the XP-25 is a larger, and what they care calling a “higher-performance sibling” to Pass Labs’ XP-15 Phono Preamp. The $10,000 XP-25 also boasts adjustable gain, two separate inputs, a low-cut filter, mute, and resistive and capacitive loading on the front panel – its twin chassis of brushed aluminum and weighs in at 55 pounds.

If you want to read all the specs you’ll have to wait as, yet again, it’s not on their website.  But, when it is, it will be here: