Pass Labs Intros New Mono and Two-Channel X.8 Series Amplifiers


Pass Laboratories just launched the X.8 (aka Point.8) Amplifier Series, which consists of five Class A amplifiers and four Class AB amplifiers, four two-channel and five monoblock models. The two-channel amps include the X150.8, the X250.8, the X350.8 and the XA30.8. The mono models include the X600.8, the XA60.8, the XA100.8, the XA160.8 and the […]

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Pass Labs Introduces New X260.5 Power Amplifier


At CES, Pass Laboratories will show their new X260.5 Power Amplifier, spec’d as a 260-watt mono-block amplifier aimed at improving performance by matching characteristics of the two halves of a balanced amplifier. To the extent that distortion and noise can be made to appear identical at the two output connections, the X260.5’s balanced output will […]

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