Crestron Adds to ADMS with 200-Disc Blu-ray Changer

Crestron 200 Disc 0110

Crestron-200-Disc-0110A 200-disc Blu-ray changer and a network video server are the latest additions to Crestron’s ADMS Intermedia Delivery System line. The ADC-200BR 200-disc Blu-ray changer can be cascaded to hold 1,000 discs, the CEN-NAS-4TB features four hot-swappable 1TB hard drives with RAID 5 protection, and both are designed to integrate with the 1080p output Crestron ADMS.

Adding one or more ADC-200BR 200-disc Blu-ray changers automatically integrates an entire collection of DVDs and high-definition Blu-ray Discs into the ADMS media library. Discs are not “ripped” to the hard drive, so copyrighted content can be legally stored and played. The CEN-NAS-4TB can store 1,500 movies and 150,000 high-quality songs and because the CEN-NAS-4TB appears as a network drive on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, you can just drag and drop files onto the CEN-NAS-4TB and the ADMS adds them to the media library as well.

Both are shipping now and you can get all the specs at: