Little-Known Prysm Launches New Laser-Based Technology

PrysmLaserDiode 0110

Prysm (formerly referred to as Spudnik), officially relePrysmLaserDiode-0110ased their Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) rear-screen projection technology last week.  LPD is a totally new technology taking aim at the current market dominance of DLP in large venue applications – and, although not a CEDIA channel product yet, there will eventually be applications for it in large-format cinema, assuming its performance is what Prysm says it will be.

According to Prysm, LPD technology uses 75 percent less power than LCD and DLP technology (a claim that rAVe has not been able to verify – however, there is no question that this is a lower-power consumption technology than most display technologies currently on the market).  Integrated into a rear-screen cube-like package, the Prysm LPD offering is aimed initially at the large venue market because of its potential cost advantages in the large format market.
This is an interesting technology that rAVe was offered a behind-the-scenes pre-launch look at last year – the image quality was remarkably good for a new technology.  Because it’s phosphor-based, it has a very CRT-like look to the images, with outstanding colorimetry and contrast ratio (again, this was a one-off, pre-production model so we cannot, yet, comment on the production version).

Founded by Amit Jain and Roger Hajjar in 2005 under the name Spudnik, Prysm’s claims their patented LPD technology is supported by over 100 employees and they say they can support full production immediately.

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