Parasound Adds Black to HALO

Parasound has announced that its flagship HALO product line will now be offered in a black finish in addition to the titanium-silver finish that has been covering the HALO since it’s launch over ten years ago. The new front panels are made of extruded aluminum, with a brushed hairline black anodized finish. The recess in the front panel is bead-blasted for a contrasting texture.
The first HALO product to be offered in black as well as silver is the HALO A 31 three-channel power amplifier, followed in roughly monthly intervals by the A 51 five-channel and A 21 two-channel amplifiers. All three of these amplifiers use the same 250-watt high-current power amplifier stage so they can be used together in large multi-channel home theaters, while retaining identical sound characteristics from channel-to-channel. After these three models, the company will continue to work through the full HALO line, including the HALO JC 1 400-watt monoblock power amplifier, JC 2 and JC 2 BP preamplifiers, and JC 3 phono preamplifier.
There is no up-charge for black and prices are the same as present silver HALO and complete stats are here.