Origin Acoustics Debuts CSUB12 In-wall Subwoofer

Origin Acoustics is expanding its in-wall subwoofer offering with the debut of the CSUB12 Subwoofer at CEDIA Expo 2018. The CSUB12 is comprised of two parts, the enclosure and the woofer driver. The enclosure is an extruded aluminum cabinet that fits in a standard stud bay and is installed in advance of the drywall. Once the wall is finished, the 12-inch woofer is mounted inside the enclosure and finished off with a magnetically attached grille. The grille covers only the opening filled by the driver.

With the CSUB12 having over 40 percent more cone area than the CSUB10, Origin says there is a big jump in performance.

The SUB A500 amplifier is the recommended power source for the CSUB12. With 500 watts of power and a complete suite of DSP controls.

Shipping fourth quarter of 2018, the enclosure will be $1,125 and the woofer will be $1,000. All the specs are here.