Origin Acoustics Announces Expansion, Acoustic Technology Upgrades for Ambisonic Bollard Line

Origin Acoustics

Origin Acoustics announced the expansion and acoustic technology upgrades of its Ambisonic Bollard landscape speaker solutions. The speakers will feature Ambisonic ribbon tweeter technology, expand from two to three speaker sizes to complete the series, and introduce a new hexagonal design to complement any residential or commercial outdoor space. The Ambisonic Systems Bollard landscape speakers are a solution to the challenge of producing bass from individual outdoor speakers in an attractive design aesthetic that could withstand the elements.

Origin Acoustics is expanding its Ambisonic Bollard landscape series by adding a medium-sized solution to complete the series for a total of three sizes — Bollard 106 (large), Bollard 85 (medium), and Bollard 64 (small) — for powerful performances in any residential or commercial outdoor application.

The new Ambisonic Bollard 85 landscape speaker features an 8” integrated subwoofer, and a 5 ¼” down-firing driver that disperses 360° sound patterns, and a 22” structure that extends out of the ground. The sub is ported out of the same opening as the mid/tweeter for cohesive sound.

Each Ambisonic Bollard speaker has an adjustable impedance setting for 8Ω, along with 70v/100v. This allows for installation flexibility with nearly 200-800W of peak power handling, depending on the model, and the ability to play from 32Hz to 20kHz. Larger transformers/tap settings on the subwoofer deliver clean and deep bass at louder volumes.

The Origin Acoustic Ambisonic Bollard Landscape Speaker series will be available in Q2 of 2024.