Origin Acoustics and Bang & Olufsen Launch New Range of Passive In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speakers at CEDIA 2016

tn-third_pic_bo-2c873b014063b938a5b945cf22169241DALLAS, TX–(September 15, 2016) – Bang & Olufsen announces a new partnership with the American company Origin Acoustics on high-end in-wall and in-ceiling speaker solutions at CEDIA 2016. This partnership extends the Bang & Olufsen acoustic product portfolio of passive in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, providing a multitude of options in terms of both design and performance. The portfolio ranges from speaker solutions for background listening and up to dedicated high-end home theater installations.

The technology and experience from Origin Acoustics, and the knowledge and design capabilities of Bang & Olufsen, bring the advanced, high performing and well-designed architectural speaker range in to market. The two new product ranges include the Celestial in-ceiling speakers and the Palatial in-wall speaker concept offering an extensive range of grills and covers that complement almost any interior design.

“Origin Acoustics is highly appreciated and respected in the installation industry for providing high-quality solutions that cater to the specific needs of the installers. At the core Bang & Olufsen and Origin Acoustics share the same values when it comes to fundamental acoustics of wanting to give customers superior and accurate sound quality and a dedication to engineering performance while also considering aesthetics,” says Christoffer Østergaard Poulsen, Sr. Director, Home Integration.

“Bang & Olufsen’s modern electronics design have been, are and will be a step above the rest in terms of luxury aesthetics,” says, Nick Berry, Executive Vice President of Origin Acoustics. “We are honored to be Bang & Olufsen’s chosen partner for the engineering, and build of their architectural speaker products.”

Celestial in-ceiling speaker range
The Celestial in-ceiling speakers combine great sound performance and flexibility and simple installation. The Celestial speaker range is designed for discrete background music listening, high performance listening and an involving home theater experience.

Palatial in-wall speaker concept
The Palatial in-wall speakers are made for active listening, whether it is music or as an invisible home theater in the living room.

BeoAmp 2 – new 300 watt 2 channel amplifier
In addition, Bang & Olufsen is presenting a new 300 watt 2-channel amplifier, BeoAmp 2 to supplement the existing BeoAmp 16, which is a highly efficient 16-channel audiophile amplifier for multizone installations and use in professional applications.

BeoLink Gateway – new controller functionality
An update of the BeoLink Gateway with new controller functionality for installers is announced at CEDIA 2016. This update simplifies configurations and optimizes the customer offering. This is supported with a significant design lift of the user interface of the controlling BeoLink App.

Appraised IFA 2016 launches now showcased at CEDIA 2016
At Cedia Bang & Olufsen will showcase the new and appraised 4k/UHD TV range that includes BeoVision 14 and BeoVision Horizon. BeoVision 14 is an elegant all-in-one TV solution with an integrated three-way sound system elegantly covered by a handcrafted oak lamella speaker cover. BeoVision Horizon is a flexible and casual entry line-up TV that caters for a flexible living.

BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 2 are two new additions to the BeoLink Multiroom concept from Bang & Olufsen that support the flexible living lifestyle. They are wireless speaker systems that can be part of an existing setup and yet easily moved around the house, offering an impressive 360 degrees of spherical sound magic.