Devialet Introduces Phantom Immersive Theater System

a2ba9b60-3bf1-49cb-aa28-329d295c3806September 16, 2016 – CEDIA 2016 Booth 7009, Dallas – Devialet® (Paris) – the worldwide leader in high-end audio – today announced the next generation in performance multi-channel audio entertainment: the Devialet Immersive Theater System.

Based on Gold Phantom™, the most extreme speaker ever made, the Immersive Theater system enables:

Extreme Power: maximum volume of 108db SPL – equivalent to a live rock concert or a jumbo jet takeoff – enabled by 4,500 Watts of power – equivalent to 8 regular Phantoms and an unmatched THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) level of .00001%
Extreme Jubilation: physical impact of the deepest basses ever reproduced (14Hz) and the unmatched precision of a new titanium tweeter, up to 27kHz, both driven by a new core ADH® (Analog Digital Hybrid amplification), for the most emotional sound experience on Earth;
Extreme Sophistication: 22 kt Rose Gold-finished exterior highlights

Phantom 5.5 is the setup being demonstrated at CEDIA and it delivers the most immersive audio experience possible in a home listening environment. Scalable to the ultimate level, from the home all the way up to Dolby® Atmos®-equipped movie theaters and beyond, the Phantom Immersive Theater System will be unique to each customer’s needs.

The Phantom experience is that of a pure, ultra-dense sound with physical impact. Phantom 5.5 is a 5x more powerful experience: 5 x 4500 W and 5 x 108dB, yet still with 0 distortion, 0 background noise and 0 saturation.

In a Phantom 5.5 configuration, the speakers will also operate as subwoofers, thanks to Phantom’s ability to emit frequencies from 14 Hz to 27 KHz, making it the only speaker of its size able to reproduce frequencies down to infrasound. Phantom 5.5 will literally shake your bones.

Phantom’s unique acoustic architecture is based on the works of “Olson’s Pulsating Sphere”. A sphere is the ideal shape when it comes to producing sound and spreading its energy evenly in all directions. Using coaxial drivers for midrange and tweeter, and diaphragms that are flush with the surface of a perfect sphere.

Combined with an exclusive LFE spatialized matrix on all speakers, it is now possible to experience for the first time a richer, clearer and more powerful sound, no matter what your position in the room might be – everywhere is a sweet spot.

With just one remote, switch from your favorite movie to your favorite playlist and from a 5.5 configuration to a stereo, a double stereo or the Party mode in one click. All your movies, all your devices, all your sources, all your music.

Compatible with all types of lossless audio formats, from Dolby True HD to DTS HD for film audio plus Flac for music audio. Devialet acoustical engineers will analyze your room to create a tailor-made setup.


Awarded “Best of CES” from Wired®, Rolling Stone® and USA Today®, the 3000-watt Phantom is a compact and beautiful spherical component incorporating 10 years of R&D (with a $30M budget), 108 patents and a team of leading product designers. From sub-bass at 14hz to ultra-sharp treble at 27Khz, Phantom creates the ultimate sound with zero distortion, zero saturation and zero background noise through unique Devialet-created technology.

Offering power, precision and unmatched musicality, Phantom is the first sub-€2000 sound center that is totally wireless (WiFi and Stereo Bluetooth™) and replaces all other audio components to provide a physical and emotional sound experience like no other.

Capable of reproducing the soundstage and musicality of speakers 20x its size, this is achieved by increasing the maximum air pressure inside the Phantom enclosure to the level associated with a rocket launch. By using speakers that are flush with the surface of a perfect sphere, Phantom also offers a unique portable design entirely derived from the laws of acoustics and providing a combination of the best music reproduction with an optimal sound directivity pattern.

At the heart of Phantom is Devialet’s own technology platform, known as ADH Intelligence®, combining the refinement of Analog
(or Class A) amplification with the power of Digital (or Class D) amplification. The company’s SAM Processing® technology is then used to control the speakers to perfection, reproducing the exact acoustic pressure recorded by the microphone.

Together, these innovations deliver Heart Bass Implosion® or HBI®, which consists of two Devialet-exclusive high-excursion bass drivers moving in perfect symmetry. This creates a sound that has an actual physical impact and a density never before achieved. Lastly, Phantom is constantly improving with free software updates.