One #AVTweep’s New Normal – Working from Home with Three Kids

aaron gull coworkers 1By Aaron Gull
Almo Pro A/V

I thought I would share with you what it has been like working from home with a full house. No schools or pre-schools open. Inside playgrounds, restaurants, etc. all shut down and it’s been raining all morning here in Utah.

I have three kids here today, two of them under the age of five. To keep from going crazy and to have a bit of fun, I thought I’d share a log of activities, but instead of referring to them as kids or by their names I just substituted co-worker since this is, after all, our place of business. True Story. Read on…

Co-worker activity log

6:45 am – Co-worker barges in as I am preparing for the day loudly quotes Olaf from Frozen 2: “Turtles can breathe through their butts.”

7:21 am – Co-worker has me put movie Frozen on TV in common area, loudly sings “Let It Go.”

7:30 am – 5.7 earthquake hits SLC, building shakes, co-worker yells from other room, “Can you bring me some milk?”

9:30 am – Second co-worker finally shows up, interrupts Zoom call and argues with me about having Cheetos for breakfast.

10:22 am – Co-worker pees all over the toilet seat in bathroom and yells from bathroom for someone to come clean it up.

aaron gull coworkers 211:15 am – Co-workers run into my office yelling excitedly for me to come see the farm they made in the common area with Jenga blocks and stuffed animals. Left mess for someone else to clean up – Jenga pieces everywhere.

11:49 am – Co-workers playing “pretend.” Co-worker 1 yells at Co-worker 2 for not playing pretend correctly, fight breaks out – both co-workers hysterically crying.

11:52 am – Co-worker 3 finally shows up, interrupts asking for Wi-fi password so they can hook up their Xbox.

11:54 am – First two co-workers back to playing pretend as if nothing happened.

12:13 pm – Co-worker yells at me to come open bathroom door cause their hands are messy.

1:09 pm – Fight breaks out between co-workers over possession of item; co-worker frantically crying yells for their momma.

1:17 pm – Co-workers play pretend again as if nothing happened moments before.

1:25 pm – Co-worker takes a break from Xbox, demands I make them something to eat.

How’s your new normal going?