Nureva Releases Span 1.2 software

nureva-span-12-0416Nureva has announced a new release of its software for the Nureva Span system. Span 1.2 software, which customers receive automatically through the cloud, further enables collaborative activities in several key ways. The addition of familiar business-analysis templates makes it even easier for teams to leverage the Span system as part of their established processes. An upgrade to the software’s digital ink automatically smooths pen strokes to improve the appearance of annotations and sketches, while visual cues and new menu options make the use of groups and subgroups more intuitive.

These software enhancements enable familiar business processes and activities. For example, the ready-made templates offer a selection of proven models for business analysis, including SWOT analyses, fishbone diagrams and Kanban boards. Each familiar framework helps guide thought processes and enables easy organization of ideas during collaborative sessions, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the amount of preparation required. Along with tightening the focus of idea-generation and planning activities, templates also automate certain actions to bring visual consistency to content shared on the Span system’s digital canvas. For example, sections in color-coded templates serve as active hot spots that transfer their own color to the digital notes placed inside. Similarly, enhancements to grouping mean that a group or subgroup will now glow when content is added to indicate precise placement, and subgroups can now be pinned in place inside larger groups. Finally, calligraphic ink produces graceful, flowing pen strokes that are reminiscent of pen on paper and enhance any form of writing or drawing in the software.

Check out the update here.