Nureva Span Workspace Adds Jira Integration for Agile Teams


Nureva announced this week the integration of Span Workspace with Jira Software. Developed by Atlassian, Jira Software is a platform for managing agile software development. This integration provides a simple way to quickly create notes in a Span canvas and send them to Jira as stories, bugs and epics. This saves time and accelerates the […]

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Nureva Adds In-Demand Functionality (and PDFs) to Span Workspace


  Nureva has announced new features and enhancements to Span Workspace, the company’s cloud-based solution for collaborative teams. This latest update enables users to import and interact with multipage PDF documents in a Span canvas. Span canvases are more easily shared with people inside and outside of an organization with a new guest user feature. […]

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Nureva Announces Its Participation in ISE 2018


Nureva Inc. announces its participation in Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) at the RAI in Amsterdam from 6-9 February 2018. The company will demonstrate the next generation of its Nureva Span visual collaboration system, new functionality in Span software, new firmware-upgrade software for the HDL300 audio conferencing system and other solution enhancements that will be revealed prior to ISE. Visitors to stand 13-D110 will experience how […]

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Avocor and Nureva Partner for Avocor Note


Avocor Note by Nureva is a brand-new update to the Avocor Note, partnering with the experienced software development team at Nureva to create a powerful whiteboarding software tool that allows anyone to create fast and professional looking content. The software has been specifically designed with collaboration in mind and takes full advantage of the Windows […]

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Nureva Launches Mobile HD Collaboration Cart


Nureva Inc just launched the new Nureva Span MC306i visual collaboration system, a full HD mobile cart. The MC306i is purpose-built for Span software, which supports ideation, design, planning and other activities by groups that need to be immersed in visual information. The mobile Span system integrates a full HD 1080p solid-state, interactive projector and […]

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AV Futures?


Last week the Integrate Expo took place in Melbourne, Australia and one thing seemed to stand out, according to rAVe, which was LG’s OLED Wallpaper (below). Is this indeed the future of AV? Is it the future of display technology? You can be the judge, I do have my own thoughts. Prepare to be BLOWN […]

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Nureva Appoints Avocor As Its Authorized Distributor in the UK


Nureva just announced the appointment of Avocor Limited as its authorized distributor in Great Britain and Northern Ireland for its Nureva Span system and Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system. “We are delighted to welcome Avocor as our authorized distributor in Great Britain and Northern Ireland,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “We look forward to actively […]

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Nureva Announces Span 1.3 Software Update


Nureva announces a new release of its software for the Nureva Span system. Span 1.3 software, which customers receive automatically through the cloud, further enables collaborative activities in several key ways. Users have more flexibility in the type of information they can easily capture and more tools available to them within the Span application. Preparation […]

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Nureva Releases Span 1.2 software


Nureva has announced a new release of its software for the Nureva Span system. Span 1.2 software, which customers receive automatically through the cloud, further enables collaborative activities in several key ways. The addition of familiar business-analysis templates makes it even easier for teams to leverage the Span system as part of their established processes. […]

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Nureva Creates a 30′ Surround Version of Span


Nureva announced the creation of a 30-foot (9.1 meters) immersive collaboration environment that surrounds teams with their digital content. The surround experience is created by three panoramic projectors installed on adjoining walls and enabled by a multi-display setup tool in Span software. This tool links the computers and merges the cloud-based canvas across the three […]

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Nureva Releases Span software 1.1


Nureva Inc. has announced a new release of its software for the Nureva Span systems. Span software 1.1, which customers receive automatically through the cloud, improves the collaboration experience in several key ways. A press-and-hold menu gives users access to tools anywhere on the 10′ or 20′ (3.1 meters or 6.1 meters) wide canvas. In […]

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Nureva Announces the WhisperTek Surface for Its Span System


Nureva announces the WhisperTek surface, a high-performance bezel-less projection surface for the Nureva Span ideation system. The lightly textured surface can withstand the high-use demands of interactive surfaces and regular wear and tear from pen and finger touches over time. The WhisperTek surface has been designed to enhance projector brightness and color, while eliminating the hotspots and glare that […]

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Nureva Announces Two New Versions of Span Classroom Collaboration System


Nureva just announced two models of the Span classroom collaboration system, the WM210e and the WM220e. Aimed at classrooms, media centers and innovation labs, the Span classroom collaboration system draws upon familiar, simple and flexible tools already widely used in paper-based creative processes in the classroom including sticky notes, sketches, images and flip charts. The system […]

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Nureva Ships Span Ideation System in North America


Nureva just started shipping its Span ideation system in North America. The system combines one or two panoramic projectors with a digital canvas to create an expansive team workspace that draws upon familiar, simple and flexible tools already widely used in paper-based ideation, including notes, images, sketches and flip charts. The WM210i measures 10′ wide (3.1 […]

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Nureva Announces the Span Ideation System for Business – Collaboration, BYOD and Panoramic Projection In One


Nureva just announced its first business product, the Nureva Span ideation system. Ideal for design, creative processes and business-process re-engineering, the Span ideation system combines a panoramic projector with a digital canvas to create an expansive 4′ by 40′ with 10′ visible (1.2×12.2 meters with 3.05 meters visible) team workspace. Ideation participants create their ideas […]

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