New UCC-Based PHONUM Audio System Debuts from beyerdynamic at InfoComm 2019

beyerdynamic officially launched its wireless Bluetooth speakerphone PHONUM at InfoComm 2019. The conferencing solution claims to turn any space into a meeting room — basically, it’s a wireless speakerphone you carry with you anywhere you need to have a call. It has three operating modes GECKO FIX, GECKO FOLLOW and GECKO 360°. PHONUM always adjusts to the specific meeting situation at hand by dynamically focusing the microphones of the triple-capsule array towards the speaker using beamforming or by capturing and reproducing the entire room. The Echo Cancellation function helps with feedback, even if two participants speak at the same time. The 360° downfire speaker distributes the sound evenly throughout the room.

beyerdynamic has developed GECKO 360° technology specifically for PHONUM: the microphones, which are specially arranged in a triple-capsule array, enable three different operating modes (GECKO FIX, GECKO FOLLOW and GECKO 360°) designed to provide the perfect audio set-up for the type of meeting in question. If only one person will be speaking from a fixed position, GECKO FIX will ensure optimum speech intelligibility. GECKO FOLLOW can automatically detect where a speaker is positioned and can focus in their direction using beamforming, meaning that various different interjecting presenters or speakers, who are moving around the room, can be captured whilst ensuring optimum sound quality. GECKO 360° covers the entire area surrounding PHONUM and is therefore ideal for when several meeting participants are sat around the PHONUM device in a small room. With all three operating modes, the excellent Echo Cancellation function ensures that no feedback ever occurs, even if two participants speak at the same time. Users select the preferred mode via an intuitive touch panel.

PHONUM reproduces meeting participants’ contributions via a downfire sound system whereby a speaker emits the sound downwards. The sound then hits a reflector plate which distributes it evenly throughout the room. As such, all participants on the call can enjoy consistently high sound quality and speech intelligibility, wherever they are in the room.

PHONUM can, if necessary, be used completely wirelessly via Bluetooth and is therefore portable — the built-in battery can power the device for up to 12 hours and is charged via a removable USB Type-C cable. PHONUM is compatible with popular communication platforms such as Skype, Skype for Business and Zoom.

Here are all the details and specs.